About Us


Our Overall Vision is to assist organisations and projects achieve their vision


Our mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions to customers needing geographical data or inspections services, in a timely manner. We will challenge traditional models, leveraging our Engineering and Surveying knowledge.

Meet The Team


The founding director of Overall Vision and Itsaboutime Pty Ltd.

Nick has a wealth of industry experience in major Building & Civil projects across Australia, PNG & UAE, with over 25 years of knowledge in project planning, construction management, progress reporting and delay analysis.

A broad range of projects from 50+ storey high rise towers, airports, motorways, LNGand rail infrastructure projects ensures that Overall Vision works efficiently and safely.

Time is ‘money’on large projects and we understand that accurate and timely progress data for construction projects is essential for successful completion. Likewise the aerial data obtained from our UAV’s is important to our clients. Safety is paramount, followed by timely data collection and processing.

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Nick has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from RMIT and is also a UAV pilot.

Nick brings a wealth of experience to Overall Vision and supports us in strategic management and planning.



  • I have more than 15 years of research and industry experience in development and implementation of large scale applications that involve spatial information technology.
  • worked in the GIS/ Photogrammetric/RS/3D/ GPS/Drone mapping systems field
  • Have expertise in feature extraction using high resolution datasets like LiDAR and infra- red photography.
  • Expert in modelling directly connected impervious for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).
  • Have expertise in flood inundation modelling, Forest understorey/over storey mapping, Index of stream condition physical form, Natural Park Management, Property Management, Asset Management, GIS business analysis, Sea level rise, Climate Change Adaptation, Hydrology Modelling and, Landscape modelling and Catchment modelling.
  • Developed internet and mobile based GIS applications.


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Matt Brown – Agriculture/NDVI/Aerial photography/Remote Pilot

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Insurance & Registration

CASA Operators Certification : 6407

Certification (Nick Porter) -1021691

Public Liability Insurance – $20 Million