March 17, 2017 nporter

Drones in the construction industry to help in finding structural issues

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Drones in the construction industry are increasing all the time to help in finding structural issues that aren’t accessible to human eyes. With more complex construction in many public buildings, drones can find structural damage or other flaws that could pose engineering problems later.

In the end, it could save millions of dollars for buildings and construction companies having to fix these issues. The only challenge is determining what other benefits there are in using construction drones.

As an independent contractor, you have to invest wisely and consider the right technology. Then you have to consider many new drone legalities. Let’s look at the pros and cons and see what your best choices are.

Drone operators can provide your construction engineer with ongoing aerial images of their site using time lapse photography and oblique photography from pre-development right through to completion.

Use drones to survey and monitor your project as it develops. Detailed imaging and CAD overlaying allows high quality visual inspections to be undertaken without disrupting your operations. Images can be transmitted to personnel in real time allowing them to focus on inspection efforts without leaving the ground. A comprehensive view can be captured of construction areas, project boundary lines, road or rail works, bridges, ramps and canals.

GIS can be used to capture, store, manipulate, analyse and present all types of geographic data. DEM and DSM are valuable tools for internal progress reporting, boundary and topographic surveying and volume calculations.

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