March 17, 2017 nporter

Considering 4D on your next project?

The construction industry is notoriously slow at adopting new technologies. The manufacturing industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds by taking on board new technology as are other industries

In the current construction market, which is extremely competitive with low and sometimes nil/negative profit margins it is even more important to complete projects on or ahead of time. Onsite co-ordination and management of safety are some of the issues to be managed properly for a successful project. Planning pays a big part. The project team needs certainty of delivery and confidence in the project schedule. This confidence can be improved by the use of 4D Planning.

I want to see the construction industry in all parts of the world flourish and continuously improve and become safe workplaces for all involved. I have been lucky enough to be involved with projects across Australia, PNG and the Middle East and I want to do my part and contribute, to achieve this.

If your organisation hasn’t considered 4D planning or you have been wanting to start a pilot project in 4D – keep reading

If you have an upcoming or current project with a 3D design model (Revit) available and project schedule in Primavera P6, Asta or MS Project then Itsaboutime will set up the 4D Plan at nil cost. ‘First in best dressed’! But it will be dependent on the quality of the 3D model and whether the project schedule reflects ‘objects’ in the design model and suitable for 4D.

In return, all I ask for is positive feedback and permission to use your project for marketing/promoting 4D Modelling/Planning.

For more information on 4D visit Itsaboutime and information on UAV/Drones Contact Us.